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A few years ago when the home button on my iPhone broke, I ended up enabling the button on-screen instead. You can access it by going to the Settings menu on your phone followed by General and then Accessibility followed by Assistive Touch. At the time I read it, I thought the idea was a little absurd but there are actually scenarios where it makes sense.

This weekend I was chatting with a friend who has her phone in an off-brand Otterbox of sorts. As a frequent breaker of phone screens, she likes keeping it on, but the heavy duty buttons on the side make accessing things like the volume button a little difficult. She mentioned how much of a pain it was to use the buttons on her phone with the case on, and I pointed out AssistiveTouch, which quickly became a huge game changer for her.

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AssistiveTouch is certainly not a feature everyone needs, but if you have super-sturdy case or a broken button or two , then it can be a solid feature to have literally in your back pocket. Emily is a tech, travel, and alcohol reporter based in San Francisco. She is also the author of the book "Productivity Hacks: The A.

The app is very customizable, so you can change the icons on the dock, which side of the screen everything resides on, and the order everything appears in.

5 Best Android Apps For Replacing Your Broken Home Button

These apps can help you continue to use a phone with a broken physical home button. Even if your device is in complete working order, this can help you give that button a rest or make up for the lack of a virtual button that you may wish you had. Alternatively, these apps can prevent you from having to reach all the way to the bottom of a large phone just to return home. If you know of other apps that help to squeeze extra life out of a dead or dying home button, feel free to share it with others in the comments below.

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How to Deal with a Broken iPhone Home Button

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