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Rating out of 5 Rate Edit. Android - For most Android based phones and tablets. See download page for specific requirements. Have you ever heard the old urban legend of how alligators live in the sewers?

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However, not all of them are accustomed to that particular environment. Think carefully about how you control the water, and you will have a very happy alligator in no time. The sewer that Swampy lives in is full of all sorts of minor and major hazards that nevertheless make it difficult for him to take a simple bath. Swampy will be more than grateful just to get himself all nice and clean every time you complete a level.

However, if you really want to make him smile, then there are ways to go the extra distance to make his bath time all the more enjoyable. No other game uses fluid physics to nearly the same extent that this one does. Some of you may have experienced an app crashing issue related to the new update. Please bear with us as we are trying to resolve the issue as fast as possible! Please stay tuned and thank you for your patience! Photo Finish records how YOU beat a Level of the Week, and then gives you an awesome picture of your work to share with your friends. Check them out now!

We've made a few tweaks and now this experience is even better than ever. Some users are experiencing issues with this update. We are working on a fix now and will roll that out as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate all of your support! But make sure you play every week because once these levels expire they may be gone for good! To celebrate the release of "Swampy's Underground Adventures" — Disney's new Youtube series based on Where's My Water — we've updated with a new hidden level! Here's a hint: Look for the Fire Extinguisher!

Additionally for all of those Mystery Duck owners, enjoy 20 new levels! Celebrate with Swampy and his pals! Look for a special gift on the main menu and help Swampy blow out the candle on his birthday cake! Also if you purchased the Mystery Duck mode enjoy 40 more levels. Keep mud wet until the right time, then let it dry into dirt!

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The levels may look familiar, but in the Mystery Duck Story you have to collect all new types of ducks including: Timing is everything to catch this fancy teleporting duck! New story, new comics, new look and new ducks — a new way to play for a small additional price! Try 5 levels for FREE!

Where's My Water?

Also introducing the Locksmith Duck! Hire the Locksmith Duck to unlock later chapters in the game to get playing now! Free are now here to stay, in their very own chapter. These levels are already unlocked — play whenever you want!

More puzzle fun in the sewers with Swampy and the gang

Already Purchased Cranky? The ninth chapter of Swampy's Story is here! Control where the water flows through the intricate network of pipes! Use valves to divert water to Swampy's bathtub while working with fans, switches, and triggers! Timing is everything-will you accept the challenge of the Rising Tide?

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Up for an extra challenge? Download Cranky's story and enjoy over 60 levels with the latest chapter "Bulking Up"! It's two free updates in one! One game, multiple devices! This update ensures everyone can view and play the new levels without powering their device off and on. Caution to the Wind features a new way to play. Use FANS to blow water left, right, up, and down to solve puzzles! Some fans are helpful and some will blow you away. Fans for our fans. Thank you for playing!

Let us know at http: While we work on fixing this, restarting the app after powering your device off and on will make the new levels appear. Featuring FANS, blow water left, right, up, down and diagonally to solve puzzles! Some are helpful and some will blow you away.

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Thank you for playing and for all of your feedback! We have resolved issues related to latest update. Coming soon — more free updates to Swampy's Story! He eats anything, especially all the rotting and disgusting junk found in the dumps and sewers. Cranky will not eat vegetables however, and now his food is covered with vegetable-like algae. Four unique puzzle packs with 16 special levels for the most-skilled puzzle solvers.

Solve these new puzzles by clearing a path for the water balloons.

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Timing is everything, so tap to pop the balloons to release the water at the right moment. Up is down, down is up! Convert steam to water and vice versa to solve new puzzles.

No matter how hard he tries to stop Swampy, Cranky always ends up boiling mad! Oh, and have you unlocked the hidden levels yet? Find out more and share with your friends at http: Thanks for playing and helping Swampy! Jul 5, Version 1.